Plant-ifying my home

Greenery that lives on top of our bedroom cabinet (notice the lack of orchids on the left )

I love the look of plants inside of a home. I feel like everyone should bring a bit of nature into their living space . When we first moved into our current home we had two plants in total (sadly, one didn’t make it past the first couple of months..RIP little tree plant). Over the past couple of months i’ve picked up a couple more green friends and was lucky enough to walk away with two succulents from a wedding a couple of weeks ago. Here are a few more images of how i’ve injected some plant friends into our space.

Different sizes and textures create a nice contrast
This little guy lives on my bedside table in this vase. Just realized it looks like a pineapple!
Floral centerpiece from a wedding and a small succulent on the kitchen island
Plant family on our living room console


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