When less is more


Kona, Hawaii

I’ve noticed that there has been a strong push towards minimalism in our culture over the past couple of years and after watching the documentary Minimalism: A documentary about the important things, over the holidays, I started to think about my own purchasing habits and the constant advertising that we are faced with encouraging us to buy anything and everything.

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Plant-ifying my home


Greenery that lives on top of our bedroom cabinet (notice the lack of orchids on the left )

I love the look of plants inside of a home. I feel like everyone should bring a bit of nature into their living space . When we first moved into our current home we had two plants in total (sadly, one didn’t make it past the first couple of months..RIP little tree plant). Over the past couple of months i’ve picked up a couple more green friends and was lucky enough to walk away with two succulents from a wedding a couple of weeks ago. Here are a few more images of how i’ve injected some plant friends into our space. Continue reading

Two stylish ways to deal with window privacy in your home



Privacy without the loss of light  (Photo: Emily Henderson)

One of our neighbors recently cut down a huge tree that was situated in their backyard. Now, I’m always sad to see a tree get chopped down but I was especially upset because this tree provided a lot of privacy for our loft. My husband and I have three large windows in our bedroom and this particular tree provided a good amount of coverage for us when our shades were rolled up. Now that the tree is gone, we can see straight through into the windows of the building across the street. We’ve been keeping our shades closed since then but after searching relentlessly on google I discovered two stylish options that would provide us with the privacy we need but also allow the sunlight to stream through our windows.

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615 sq ft, 2 adults, 1 dog… and a baby?


Just the three of us… for now

My husband and I purchased our first home this past August – a one bedroom 615 sq ft loft in an old converted factory. Price and location were two of the most important factors to us when we decided to make an offer. The size of the loft wasn’t much of an issue at the time of purchase, as the unit featured a great layout that made everything seem very spacious. Now that we’ve been here for seven months, the discussion of having kids has come up and it’s got me thinking…. is it possible for two adults, one dog and a baby to live in a 1 bedroom loft?

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How to refresh your home without spending a dime

Spring is near and that means that retail stores will be filling up their shelves with new product. I love picking up new things for my home at the beginning of each season but after awhile the cost, and the amount of junk I have lying around, adds up.

Through trail and error, I’ve learned that I can easily refresh my home each season just by moving around a couple of pieces and displaying items in different ways. Below are a couple of the tricks I use when I want to change things up a bit at home without purchasing anything new.

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