When less is more

Kona, Hawaii

I’ve noticed that there has been a strong push towards minimalism in our culture over the past couple of years and after watching the documentary Minimalism: A documentary about the important things, over the holidays, I started to think about my own purchasing habits and the constant advertising that we are faced with encouraging us to buy anything and everything.

I’ve realized that my desire to shop has died down as I’ve become more and more aware about what it eventually leads to (mainly less money in my wallet, more useless junk to hide in my home and more waste that I end up feeling guilty about).

The start of the new year marks the perfect time for me to re-evaluate the way I purchase and hoard items in my home.

Some of the things I hope to do this year include:

Keeping a minimum amount of clothing in my home

I’ve already started to go through my closet and donate items that I no longer wear or need. I am also trying to keep a limited amount of any one style in my closet. When the time comes for me to replace something due to wear and tear, I plan on avoiding any fast fashion stores in order to purchase a quality item that will last. Cuyana is an online retailer that focuses on creating premium staples in any woman’s closet so I will be looking to them when the time comes.

Using less of everything

18 ways to reduce wastepaper at home

I live in a small one bedroom loft with my husband and dog but with the amount of garbage that we create each week you would think a family of four lives in our unit. It’s so easy to grab two or three paper towel pieces to wipe up a small little spill on the kitchen counter but this can easily be cleaned up with a reusable tea towel. I hope to be more conscious of the amount of waste I create and also try my best to purchase food that doesn’t come in packaging. A resuable container program has launched at several Bulk Barn locations across Canada so I want to take advantage of that. I will also be puchasing a bunch of these for my trips to grocery store.

Living small 

A tiny home from The New Frontier

As I’ve previously mentioned, me and my husband live in a one bedroom unit that comes in at a little over 600 sq ft. The size of our space is perfect for us right now but if we plan to expand our family we may need to consider moving to a larger space. Some people may think i’m crazy but I definitely think that we can have at least one child in our current space. There are other famillies that live in one bedroom condos or apartments (see here ) and make it work with one or two children and they give me hope that living small is a possibility. We can definitely fit a crib in our open concept closet!

I am hoping to make some small lifestyle changes over time to reflect this “less is more” attitude and will try to document some of the more interesting ones on the blog.



1 thought on “When less is more

  1. You included a photo of my FAVORITE tiny home of all time. It’s parked just blocks from my small home. I’m so lucky to get to peak in the windows! I’m looking forward to following your blog.


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