Wedding Guest Dress-ing


The quiet before the storm during my wedding at George restaurant

I got married last summer and while I loved looking for my dress and planning all of the little details ( I was a crazy lady and decided to create all of the bouquets and table arrangements) it was a lot of work..and stress.

My husband and I both agree that while we had an amazing time, we are happy that it is now behind us so we can just enjoy being married. I have a wedding coming up later on in the summer, which I am attending as a guest, so I am really excited to go dress hunting. I started my search online and have found so many beautiful options. Take a look below…

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Insta Art


Image via @tayst

Instagram is one of my favorite forms of social media. You can follow along with your favorite celebrity, see what trends are up and coming in fashion and it’s also a great way to discover new talent- whether it’s a new blogger, designer or visual artist. I recently came across three artists that I became really interested in. The modern pieces by the artists below utilize fashion and celebrity culture to create fun and captivating images.

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How to get out of a style rut


We’ve all been there. It’s Monday morning and  you’re in your underwear, standing in front of your closet, thinking I have nothing to wear. You go through your dresser and closet, tossing tops and bottoms onto your bed, trying to find an outfit combination you feel good in and before you know it you are 20 minutes late for work. I know, I know… this is barely a problem, but feeling like you are in a style rut is something that most of us face every now and then.

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