3 instagram accounts that will inspire you to eat healthy


HBFIT aka Health Beauty Fitness, was founded by Hannah Bronfman – a NYC DJ/ /Influencer/Health enthusiast. This instagram account is filled with carefully curated images promoting fitness, beauty and of course… food. The dishes found on this feed are filled with vibrant colours and a wide array of textures. I love that HBFIT not only features items that are good for you, they are also items that you will WANT to eat. Mouth watering images of avocado toast, fresh pressed juice and zucchini noodle soup will have you thinking twice about picking up another fast food meal at your local golden arches. (All images via @hbfit on instagram)

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Where to eat: Big Island,HI


Punalu’u Beach

Eating local food is one of the things I look forward to most when travelling. Living in Toronto exposes you to so many different culture’s and foods, so it’s amazing when you get to try those foods in the country they originated from. I recently traveled to the Big Island, which seems to be one of the lesser known main islands that make up Hawaii, and I had the opportunity to visit several amazing spots that dished out some of the most delicious meals I’ve had. Below are three of the more memorable restaurants I had the pleasure of dining at while on the Big Island…

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Tomato Confit Pasta

There are many times when I will find myself in the kitchen, starving, with little to no patience for whipping up a complicated and extravagant meal. In moments like this, I turn to a simple and easy dish like Tomato Confit Pasta. I stumbled upon this recipe on Kitchen Konfidence, a food blog filled with great recipes and mouth watering images of things like Crispy Fish Tacos. I thought it would be fun to share a visual exploration of this recipe so click on the video below to watch me in action (and look out for a cameo from Nucky, my squishy faced bulldog).

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