The Easiest (natural) DIY Lip Scrub

IMG_20160619_194634~2.jpgWhen it comes to makeup I usually like to take a more natural approach to my everyday look but when it comes to lipstick, I gravitate towards bright and bold shades (Nars’ Jungle Red and MAC’s Girl About Town are two of my favorites). A bold lip can be an instant mood lifter but one of the annoying things that comes along with wearing lipstick all day is dry and chapped lips. This has always been one of the problems that has plagued me while wearing lipstick and since i’m trying to incorporate more natural beauty products into my life, I decided to try and create my own scrub from scratch.

Lipstick galore

The recipe I found is from the Honest Company’s blog and consists of three simple ingredients that most households would have: Brown Sugar, Coconut oil and Honey (I used olive oil instead). A small pot with a lid is needed to store the scrub so make sure you have one on hand. If you go to Sephora you can ask for a sample of any product in a small plastic container – which is the perfect size for storing this scrub.

It doesn’t get much easier than this!

The entire process took less than 10 minutes and was pretty straight forward. You may want to play around with the amount of sugar you add in depending on the consistency you want to achieve. I feel like the suggested 2 tbsp of brown sugar could have been increased a little as my scrub was more on the liquidy side.

The finished product




4 thoughts on “The Easiest (natural) DIY Lip Scrub

  1. Great recipe! I have issues with dry lips too. I’ll have to try this out. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Love your DIY, I’ll have to try it out! I always wear lip liner or really matte lipsticks so my lips are always so dry.


    1. Thank you! I’m glad I found such an easy recipe 🙂


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