Easy Summer Hair Trends


Zara, the Spanish apparel and accessories retailer, is a great source for style inspiration. They post beautiful editorials on a regular basis and the stylized head to toe looks are always so inspiring. After perusing the website the other day I came across a couple of fun hair styles that looked easy enough to test out for the summer.


I like to call this the “puff ponytail”. This is pretty straightforward and all you really need are a couple of elastic bands and a comb (or you can also use your fingers to rake through your hair). Texture and a bit of that messy and lived in look are key to this pony.


This half up, half down double bun is a no brainer but I feel like it could also come across all wrong- like you have a rat tail. To avoid that make sure you leave a good chunk of hair down and ensure that you build in some texture into the hair pulled back and also in the structure of the buns.


My hair isn’t currently long enough to pull off a scarf braided into it but I think this is really chic and it’s a simple way to add some interest into your hair without spending a ton of time on it.


This is probably my favourite look out of all the ones mentioned. It’s an update on the traditional top knot and I think it’s a simple way to elevate your looks especially if you are wearing something simple and casual like a tee with jeans. It’s also another way to get double wear on any scarves you have lying around.

All images via Zara

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