The Easiest (natural) DIY Lip Scrub

IMG_20160619_194634~2.jpgWhen it comes to makeup I usually like to take a more natural approach to my everyday look but when it comes to lipstick, I gravitate towards bright and bold shades (Nars’ Jungle Red and MAC’s Girl About Town are two of my favorites). A bold lip can be an instant mood lifter but one of the annoying things that comes along with wearing lipstick all day is dry and chapped lips. This has always been one of the problems that has plagued me while wearing lipstick and since i’m trying to incorporate more natural beauty products into my life, I decided to try and create my own scrub from scratch.

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Wedding Guest Dress-ing


The quiet before the storm during my wedding at George restaurant

I got married last summer and while I loved looking for my dress and planning all of the little details ( I was a crazy lady and decided to create all of the bouquets and table arrangements) it was a lot of work..and stress.

My husband and I both agree that while we had an amazing time, we are happy that it is now behind us so we can just enjoy being married. I have a wedding coming up later on in the summer, which I am attending as a guest, so I am really excited to go dress hunting. I started my search online and have found so many beautiful options. Take a look below…

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