Insta Art

Image via @tayst

Instagram is one of my favorite forms of social media. You can follow along with your favorite celebrity, see what trends are up and coming in fashion and it’s also a great way to discover new talent- whether it’s a new blogger, designer or visual artist. I recently came across three artists that I became really interested in. The modern pieces by the artists below utilize fashion and celebrity culture to create fun and captivating images.

Michael De feo



All images via Michael De Feo

Who is he: An artist best known for his work in the street art movement

Known for: Floral imagery painted on fashion ads and editorials from magazines

Interesting fact: Nail polish is one of the mediums used in his work

Follow him on instagram: @theflowerguy

Alia Penner


Images via Alia Penner

Who is she: Alia Penner, a modern pop artist based in LA

Known for: 60’s and 70’s inspired collages that combine her bright and outrageous illustrations with celebrity and fashion images

Interesting fact: She was commissioned to create a 20 ft wide backdrop for a performance at Coachella in 2013

Find her on instagram: @alia_pop

Tayst Design



All images via @tayst

Who is she: Taylor St. Claire, an illustrator that has worked with brands like Wildfox and Brandy Mellville

Known for: The playful and fun illustrations she creates over existing fashion and celebrity images

Interesting fact: Kendall Jenner named her one of her ten favorite artists

Follow her on instagram: @tayst


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