Two stylish ways to deal with window privacy in your home


Privacy without the loss of light  (Photo: Emily Henderson)

One of our neighbors recently cut down a huge tree that was situated in their backyard. Now, I’m always sad to see a tree get chopped down but I was especially upset because this tree provided a lot of privacy for our loft. My husband and I have three large windows in our bedroom and this particular tree provided a good amount of coverage for us when our shades were rolled up. Now that the tree is gone, we can see straight through into the windows of the building across the street. We’ve been keeping our shades closed since then but after searching relentlessly on google I discovered two stylish options that would provide us with the privacy we need but also allow the sunlight to stream through our windows.

While perusing Emily Henderson’s blog I came across a post on how she transformed her studio windows with modern and fresh looking window films.

Patterned and coloured films (Photo:Emily Henderson)

By mixing different patterns and colours on selected panels she was able to create a beautiful window treatment that still allowed light to come into her studio, while providing a sense of privacy. Although this is a creative option some people may not be too crazy about attaching a sticky film to their windows. A great alternative to this are window shelves.

Ikea pinterets outdoor living
A modern and clean display (Photo: Ikea)

There are tons of examples online of shelves placed inside of a window to display beautiful potted plants and small décor items.

apartment therapy -plant therapy
Plant life (Photo: Apartment Therapy)
A mixture of plants, books and glassware (Photo: Anthology Magazine)

This is a great option because you can change out your display seasonally or whenever you get tired of it.

Have you had to deal with a similar privacy issue in your home? If you have any tips I would love to hear them. We are still deciding on what route to take with our windows but I’ll be sure to create a post on the outcome.



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