Fitness for free? Yes please!


I’ve never been one to exercise on a regular basis. I’ve had yoga and cardio salsa spurts here and there but other than that, working out has not been a part of this couch potato’s regularly scheduled program. But, I am making a real effort to change all of this and am also attempting to do it without buying a pricey gym membership! I recently signed up for a couple of classes at the community centre in my neighbourhood (that were all free) but i’ve also started to look into additional options that I can turn to in order to keep my fitness regime fresh. I think that one of the reasons we stop working out is on account of boredom. Attending the same class and doing the same routine at the gym can get old fast. So, here are a couple of ideas that you can turn to if you feel the need to add a new activity to your workout routine (and all it will cost you is a token for the TTC or the gas you need to get there)…

Nike Training Club App

Ok, so this option doesn’t require a token for the subway or gas for your car because you can do the workout in the comfort of your own home. The NTC App is like a personal trainer in your pocket. The app is absolutely free and features over 100 workout routines that you can customize based on what you want to work on. You can also select a workout based on how much time you have so you can squeeze in a routine during lunch or before you go to work. You can download the app here.

Nike also offers a Run Club you can join as well as a Training Club class – both in Toronto and both free. For more details visit their website.

Academy of Lions

The Academy of Lions is a CrossFit Gym located on Ossington Ave near Queen St. West and has been open since 2008. They offer a free class called a Community Class which is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:30pm and Saturdays and Sundays at 3:00pm. The class is suitable for any fitness level and focuses on form, cardio, mobility and bodyweight training. You need to register for the class in order to attend and can do so on the Academy of Lions website.

Toronto Recreation Centres

Recreation centres are located all over the city and some of them offer amazing facilities such as swimming pools, skating rinks, weight rooms and basketball courts. They also offer a wide range of classes from yoga to cardio dance, some of which are free. Classes fill up fast and locations for each class vary so check out the City of Toronto’s website for more details.

Have you ever attended a free fitness class or do you have any suggestions that I’ve missed? Share them in the comment section below…


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