3 instagram accounts that will inspire you to eat healthy


HBFIT aka Health Beauty Fitness, was founded by Hannah Bronfman – a NYC DJ/ /Influencer/Health enthusiast. This instagram account is filled with carefully curated images promoting fitness, beauty and of course… food. The dishes found on this feed are filled with vibrant colours and a wide array of textures. I love that HBFIT not only features items that are good for you, they are also items that you will WANT to eat. Mouth watering images of avocado toast, fresh pressed juice and zucchini noodle soup will have you thinking twice about picking up another fast food meal at your local golden arches. (All images via @hbfit on instagram)


Danijela Unkovich is a nutritionist and health blogger that runs Healthy Always, an instagram account that features recipes that are nutritious and ideal for anyone that wants to live a healthier lifestyle. Danijela includes healthy versions of sliders, mini pizzas, chocolate bark and french fries with dip – which is probably why she has over 100k followers. These images will make you want to toss out all of the sugary, processed foods taking up space in your fridge and replace them with tons of fruits and veggies. (All images via @healthyalways on instagram)


Although i’m not a big fan of this account’s name (skinny doesn’t = healthy),  Skinny Kitchen is a great source for delicious meal ideas that won’t have you feeling guilty about the calories you’ve consumed once your meal is done. This instagram account was created by Nancy Fox, who enjoys creating healthy yet delicious tasting meals. Skinny Kitchen is a great example of how you can eat foods that are great for your well-being yet also satisfy your cravings for sweet treats or comfort food. (All images via @skinnykitchen on instagram)


2 thoughts on “3 instagram accounts that will inspire you to eat healthy

  1. Thank you for sharing the love! 🙂
    Danijela x


    1. Of course! Everything on your insta account looks so yummy.


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