Challenge: 5 days with 50 dollars Part 1


While browsing Youtube this weekend I came across a video on Refinery29’s channel titled “5 days on a $50 Spending budget”. Lucie Fink is the host of this video, and a whole series that revolves around her doing something specific for 5 days (other videos include 5 days without coffee, 5 days of waking up early, etc). I thought it was an interesting experiment that didn’t seem to daunting, as the challenge lasts shorter than a week. I decided that I would try and take on this challenge starting Monday and report back with the results so continue reading to take a look at the original source of inspiration, and check back in a week to see how I did with my own 5 day, 50 dollar challenge.


4 thoughts on “Challenge: 5 days with 50 dollars Part 1

  1. The trick with that is carry only cash and leave all your plastics at home. I’m trying this as well! Can’t wait to read your follow up post


    1. I agree. Using cash only let’s you see the money leave your wallet and you’ll be more selective with how you spend it. For those that use cards religiously, like me, the app is a great tool to track spending.


      1. I’ve tried using Mint but ended up creating my own spreadsheet!


  2. This is awesome. Hard, but awesome. Good luck!


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