Challenge: 5 Days with 50 dollars Part 2


Two weeks ago I wrote about a  video I came across on Youtube which documented one woman’s attempt to get by with 50 dollars for 5 days. I thought it was an interesting idea and was motivated to take on the challenge. Well friends, I am sad to report that I did not successfully complete the challenge as I spent WELL over $50 dollars. So, let’s break down the 5 days and find out where it all went wrong…  Continue reading

Fitness for free? Yes please!


I’ve never been one to exercise on a regular basis. I’ve had yoga and cardio salsa spurts here and there but other than that, working out has not been a part of this couch potato’s regularly scheduled program. But, I am making a real effort to change all of this and am also attempting to do it without buying a pricey gym membership! I recently signed up for a couple of classes at the community centre in my neighbourhood (that were all free) but i’ve also started to look into additional options that I can turn to in order to keep my fitness regime fresh. I think that one of the reasons we stop working out is on account of boredom. Attending the same class and doing the same routine at the gym can get old fast. So, here are a couple of ideas that you can turn to if you feel the need to add a new activity to your workout routine (and all it will cost you is a token for the TTC or the gas you need to get there)…

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3 instagram accounts that will inspire you to eat healthy


HBFIT aka Health Beauty Fitness, was founded by Hannah Bronfman – a NYC DJ/ /Influencer/Health enthusiast. This instagram account is filled with carefully curated images promoting fitness, beauty and of course… food. The dishes found on this feed are filled with vibrant colours and a wide array of textures. I love that HBFIT not only features items that are good for you, they are also items that you will WANT to eat. Mouth watering images of avocado toast, fresh pressed juice and zucchini noodle soup will have you thinking twice about picking up another fast food meal at your local golden arches. (All images via @hbfit on instagram)

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Challenge: 5 days with 50 dollars Part 1


While browsing Youtube this weekend I came across a video on Refinery29’s channel titled “5 days on a $50 Spending budget”. Lucie Fink is the host of this video, and a whole series that revolves around her doing something specific for 5 days (other videos include 5 days without coffee, 5 days of waking up early, etc). I thought it was an interesting experiment that didn’t seem to daunting, as the challenge lasts shorter than a week. I decided that I would try and take on this challenge starting Monday and report back with the results so continue reading to take a look at the original source of inspiration, and check back in a week to see how I did with my own 5 day, 50 dollar challenge.

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