How to refresh your home without spending a dime

Spring is near and that means that retail stores will be filling up their shelves with new product. I love picking up new things for my home at the beginning of each season but after awhile the cost, and the amount of junk I have lying around, adds up.

Through trail and error, I’ve learned that I can easily refresh my home each season just by moving around a couple of pieces and displaying items in different ways. Below are a couple of the tricks I use when I want to change things up a bit at home without purchasing anything new.

Bring a bit of nature into your homeIMG_20160224_192713-2

Having plants around your place is the obvious way to introduce some natural elements into your living space, but there are additional ways to do so as well.I got the 1 1/2″ tree slice pictured above at a friend’s wedding and have used it in many different ways since it’s arrival. Currently I am using it to display some simple candles and a small jar filled with some greenery from a large bouquet I had lying around. If you dont have any tree trunks lying around your home (why wouldn’t you??) try filling a simple vase, or carafe if you don’t have a vase, with some branches of varying heights and widths from outside your front door. This is a quick and easy way to create a new centerpiece without much effort.

Play around with your framesIMG_20160224_194906-3.jpg

I’m lucky because I have two thin shelves on my wall that allow me to constantly switch up which frames I have on display, and in what order. It’s not as easy to play around with frame placement when the frames are hanging on your wall. That being said, two ways you can change the mood and feel of your gallery wall is by switching up some of the photos /art on display OR by spray painting some of your frames to give them new life. If you’re the type of person that takes forever to pick out art or a photo try finding a pattern you find interesting to frame instead. There are tons of patterns available online that you can print at home and you won’t have to worry too much about quality as they usually come in a resolution high enough to avoid pixelation.

Show off your liquor collectionIMG_20160224_210010-2

Now don’t think I’m trying to compete with the bar cart set up’s that you find on pinterest, because I’m not. But I think that carving out a small section in your kitchen to devote to some of the nicer looking bottles of whiskey or wine that you have on hand is a great way to create visual interest on your counter top. It also makes it easier to pour that glass of wine after a hard day.

If you’re working with a small space 5-7 bottles should do the trick (try to choose a diverse range of bottle sizes and colors) and you’ll also want to pull out some of your fancier glassware pieces to show off too.

Display your books on something other than a book shelfIMG_20160225_203904-2

Book shelves are great and all but sometimes it’s nice to see things from an unexpected angle. I have a vintage wooden chair that I picked up from a thrift store and although I don’t sit on very much, I do love to look at it. By pairing the chair with a couple of books, and a plant, I was able to add a new point of interest with a pop of colour to my living room. Other options for displaying your personal library could include a ladder , bench, stacked wire baskets and a vintage suitcase or trunk.

Hope these tips were helpful! I’d love to know how you create a sense of newness in your home. Share your tips in the comment section of this post!





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